Workshop on Japanese Business Culture

With the aim to foster new partnerships with the Japanese market, CEC/CCIC invites all interested companies to attend the Workshop on Japanese Business Culture, that is going to take place on the 20th June in Coimbra (CEC/CCIC – Conselho Empresarial do Centro/Câmara de Comércio e Indústria do Centro).

The main goals of the workshop are the following:
– Introducing the basics of Japanese business culture to European business people;
– Explaining Japanese behaviours and attitudes on the basis of their cultural background;
– Giving best practice tips;
– Helping participants to avoid major blunders in Japanese business;
– Improving intercultural sensitivity, scope of action and security


8:45    Registration
9:00    Welcome and presentation of EU-Japan Centre’s activities
9:15    Workshop part 1 – Interactive expert presentation
11:15    Coffee Break
11:30    Workshop part 2 – Interactive expert presentation
12:45    Q&A
13:00    Conclusions

Participation in the event is free of charge, but subject to prior registration.Please register here until 19th June!

For further information, please contact: or 239 497 161

Table of Contents:

1. Introduction
1.1. Welcome and agenda

2. Japanese business culture
2.1. Introduction of Japanese business culture
2.2. Getting in touch with Japanese business partners: Keeping and building a relationship
2.3. What makes the Japanese tick: Group orientation and hierarchy today
2.4. From greetings to socializing: Essential business manners

3. Indirect Communication
3.1. Why the Japanese communicate in an indirect way: Cultural background and values
3.2. Understanding and reading Japanese reactions:
3.2.1 Body language, yes and no, pauses, frequently used phrases
3.2.2 Getting feedback from Japanese business partners
3.3. Getting difficult messages across: Criticism, denial and conflict situations
3.4. E-Mail communication

4. Meetings and negotiations
4.1. Preparation of meetings: The importance and nemawashi for meetings and decision making
4.2. Japanese meetings strategies and how to deal with them

5. Summary and wrap-up


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